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If you have booked a course through the webshop, within 24 hours you will receive a QR code by email that will take you to the website. With the individual password you can visit the training as often as you want within 3 months. Parallel to the online version you will receive a pdf document with the training content. An ideal basis to take notes during the training.

Would you like to know how an eLearning is designed?

Here is a small appetizer out of the «Smart Supply Chain for Textiles» series.

Technical requirements to complete an eLearning course:

  • Chrome, Firefox and Edge, the latest 5 versions are supported respectively.
  • Safari in the latest version
  • Microsoft Edge in version 44 (EdgeHTML version 18)

All eLearnings are created with responsive design and can be viewed on all screen sizes. However, you will have optimal readability and comfort if your screen size is at least 7.9″ (20 cm diagonal).

If you have further questions regarding the training process, please contact us. We will be happy to provide further information.

Our series:

Smart supply chain for textiles

From error prevention to intelligent approaches for the textile trade

Smart supply chain for textiles is a training series that systematically imparts basic textile knowledge in order to be able to communicate more efficiently and with fewer misunderstandings at the typical interfaces of the textile trade.

Intelligent Spinning Mill Management

A recipe for a successful operation.

Only through the awareness of which attitude and kind of action determine the success of a spinning mill leads to an Intelligent Mill Management. The basic elements of quality management are listed and key performance indicators for each process step of a cotton ring spinning mill are specified and explained. Intelligent management by setting and tracking KPIs.

Yarn Profiling

Creation of the right basis for the required textile properties.

The training series focuses on textiles and their needs. The course teaches how the textile properties of clothings or home textiles are influenced by the yarn properties.