Iris Biermann

“Why socks? All they get is holes.” (Albert Einstein)

My mission in the textile industry is to disprove Albert Einstein by enabling people to make faultless textiles so that no one has to question socks or other textiles.

I am a passionate textile expert with the urgent need to pass on my knowledge to this exciting industry. Through my network I have an inexhaustible source with which I can discuss textiles in any direction. Discussions that lead to new stimulating teaching content.

Today I am happy that I can impart knowledge to so many people along the textile value chain with my eLearnings, webinars or classical trainings.

Visit my homepage and read which additional services I offer to the industry.

Short profile

  • A passion for textiles
  • Focus on short staple fiber yarns, their production and processing
  • Strong textile market knowledge
  • Experienced product manager and marketing specialist
  • See digitalization as a great opportunity for the future

Education and training

09.1991 – 01.1995
University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein
Textile engineer – yarn and fabric production

08.1990 – 07.1991
school graduation

08.1987 – 06.1990
Firma Delius und Söhne in Bielefeld
Apprenticeship as textile laboratory assistant/ physical – technological

08.1985 – 06.1987
Firma Delius und Söhne in Bielefeld
Training as textile machine operator / weaving mill

11.2015 – 07.2019 Uster Technologies

Head of Global Textile Technology

Tasks / Successes / Highlights

  • Leadership of the international team of textile technologists
  • Training of customers and business partners
  • Development and monitoring of textile technology market trends, product ideas, marketing arguments and maintenance of international partnerships
  • Project management for the app development of the Uster Statistics 2018

11.2011 – 10.2015 Maschinenfabrik Rieter AG

Senior Strategic Marketing Manager

Tasks / Successes / Highlights

  • Creation of a market model that determines yarn volumes per textile application, raw material and spinning process
  • Project support for the construction of the Show Room (trial spinning mill) in China
  • Concept and content development, coordination and implementation of the “Rieter Spinners Guide” Machine setting recommendations for each textile application (as web app and book)

 10.2011 Oerlikon Textile Components

Vice President Market and Product Strategies

Tasks / Successes / Highlights

  • Managing the classic 4 P’s within the marketing mix of Oerlikon Textile Components products
  • Creation of business opportunities as a decision-making basis for the start of development projects
  • Concept development and implementation of Oerlikon Textile Component Stores on a franchise basis (Turkey, Egypt)

03.1995 – 08.2008 Saurer Schlafhorst

Senior Manager Marketing Textile Technology

Head of Worldwide Cooperate Marketing Rotor Spinning

Senior Marketing Manager Rotor Spinning/ Textile Application Technology

Senior Manager Textile Application Technology

Head of Spinncenter and Textile Laboratory

Tasks / Successes / Highlights

  • Beta tests of new products in the field
  • Textile Product Development (Fiber to Fabric Engineering)
  • Textile complaint processing
  • Project management of the development project “Fancynation” – hardware and software system for the production of fancy yarns on the rotor spinning machine Autocoro
  • Belcoro image campaign (customer certification program for yarns and fabrics made from rotor yarns including the development of Belcoro quality standards)
  • Accreditation of the Schlafhorst textile testing laboratory. The world’s first textile laboratory accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.