Registration to reach your personal Learning Platform

The learning platform requires an additional registration. Your user ID and password of the shop are not valid here.

New customer in the Virtual Classroom

Follow the link and carry out the described steps on the learning platform.

1. Click on “sign up” to log into the learning platform for the first time.

2. Choose your preferred user language for the platform.

3. Enter the desired information in the registration form.

Attention: Language means your mother tongue.
This information has no influence on the eLearning language.

4. Enter the voucher code.

Now you can see the purchased course on your learning platform. 

5. Start the course by clicking on the “Start Content” icon.

The username and password allow you to access the platform anytime.

Don’t forget to save the access to the learning platform in your browser as a favorite.

You are already a user of the Virtual Classroom

Follow the link and carry out the following steps on the learning platform.

1. Use your account name and password of the learning platform and click on «Login» .

Attention: Do not re-register again. You would create a new user and only see your new content. Your old content would no longer be visible for you.

2. Enter the voucher code.

You will now see the new course purchased on your learning platform.

3. Start the course by clicking on the icon “Start Content”.

If you have purchased a complete series, enter the voucher code you received either during registration or in your profile (see explanations above).

1. After successfully entering the code, you will see the first part of the series on your learning platform.

2. A new symbol appears in the menu bar. This symbol takes you to the schedule of the series, also known as the curriculum. 

3. You can start the course from the learning platform.

If you have chosen the path via the symbol, you will see your personal schedule of the training series.  

4. You can also start the courses from here.

5. Every completion of a training from the series is displayed.

6. The next part automatically appears on the learning platform.

7. You will receive a certificate by email with each part of your completion or you can call it up on the learning platform.

If the codes are not used, the amount paid cannot be refunded. The vouchers are not transferable to third parties. Our General Terms and Conditions apply.